Thursday, March 17, 2011

You see all kinds of interesting people while waiting for your appointment at the OB/GYN office. You see many people happy and overjoyed at their situation (I'd include us in this group). There are a handful that seem skittish and nervous at the unplanned roller coaster they are on. And there is a huge amount that is a blend of both.

I like the young couple that consists of an expectant father with a plethora of facial tattoos. What kind of tattoos, you ask? Well, advertisements actually. Logos and websites in their correctly branded font. He must have received some sort of payment for that, though that hardly seems like a justification.

I liked "" on his cheek the most.

I'm trying not to be a snob, but I suspect my son will have a leg up in life on the the kid with the dad at the playground with a porn web site on his face.

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LAtravel80 said...

Seriously. I know I shouldn't even say that. oye.