Friday, February 17, 2006

Guns, guns, we got guns!

So here is something interesting that happened in my old Chicago parish/grade school/neighborhood:

Police arrested James Patrick, 63, on Wednesday, of the 3700 block of W. 62nd Place, where they found a cache of guns consisting of 117 handguns, 154 rifles and shotguns and thousands of rounds of ammo -- which police believe was being supplied to street gangs.
*The shocker: The arsenal was located across the street from St. Nicholas of Tolentine grade school!
Reading this online caught my eye for a few reasons: I went to St Nick's, I recognize the address as one 2 blocks from my old house, and James Patrick was MY SCOUTMASTER growing up! Nothing about this story makes any sense and I really hope more information comes to light. I suspect some CPD friends of mine will get the full story from the arrest report and that it will filter throughout the eagle scout alumni of St Nick's. Its completely crazy. The neighborhood definitely has a growing gang problem, but its usually the crotchety old residents that rant and rave at CAPS meetings about these things -- not embrace Capitalism brutally and join 'em.
The funny thing is that when I have told this story to people in Madison and start with , "So I read a story about my old Scoutmaster in the paper...," I immediately see their faces wince at the assumed incoming pedophilia arrest. Thankfully he was not abusing children, just selling guns, allegedly of course. I'm sure more information (and hopefully a mug shot) will help me sort through the facts.
Hey, my neighborhood is on the news!


Scott said...

Jesus! That's freakin' crazy!

On a positive note, Clare bought me a book about Chicago bungalows for Christmas, and there is a picture of St. Nick's in it. There doesn't appear to be any guns in the picture.

Chris said...

what is the name of the book?

clare said...

Hey, I bought a few rifles from that guy a couple of weeks ago. And a box of boy scout cookies and a ticket to the pine box derby. I already ate the cookies and sold the rifles to Dick Cheney. Something about getting revenge on some elderly oil tycoon?

The book is named, aptly, "Chicago Bungalows." I think it was published by the Chicago architecture foundation. you can look at it next week.