Friday, May 20, 2011

Today is the culmination of Bike To Work week here in Anchorage (and in most cities I suspect). There are a total of 9 people at my gig that participated and we were lucky enough to receive t-shirts from the city (about a third of participants randomly get chosen for these freebies).

Given that today is the big, final day, the bike trails and major intersections become littered with the occasional comfort station. Most of these have free water, a cookie, or maybe some coffee. I gather that most of these were up and running by 6:45-7am, which is unfortunate because I am at work by 6:30. I can live without a free bottle of water, but it is harder to know that I missed this stop on my commuting route:

This year we are very excited to bring back the popular BCA Bacon Station. You can find us on the Chester Creek trail in the park just east of the tunnel under the Seward Highway. We’d like to thank Spenard Roadhouse for donating the bacon, Raven’s Brew Coffee for the coffee and Great Harvest Bread for the cookies!

Monday, May 09, 2011

The baby will need a rocking chair so the stripping and refinished has begun. It's a fun little project.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

I've restarted my bike commuting and it is as fun as ever. I'd happily do it every day of the year, but the bike trails become ski trails and a snow bike becomes a necessity for 5 months. I haven't quite determined whether I want to make that purchase or not. If I had more room for a 3rd bike I suspect I'd jump on it.

I guess it is spring these days, though riding in at 26 degrees is a touch chilly. Riding home at 50 degrees in the same day is much nicer.

Riding in this morning in a 36 degree drizzle makes for a pretty filthy mud streak from my back to my ankles. My Chrome bag is pretty filthy right now and it is making me realize that I have never washed the thing. It is well over 8 years old and has who knows how many hours and miles on it. It's a trooper and I should probably show it some love. I'm guessing some oxy clean and a hand washing in the sink will do the trick. The bag seems like it will easily last another 10 years, if not longer. Chrome makes great stuff.