Thursday, November 30, 2006

Skate Videos

I don’t want to become yet another of the uncountable hordes of bloggers that write something to the extent: “Wow, youtube is so cool. There are so many great videos there. Let me show you some” Suffice to say, I am yet again driven ceaselessly into the past, this time down the path of skate videos from my more flexibly-jointed youth. I tend to gravitate towards the videos I never owned and only watched endlessly in Pete’s basement. I sadly cannot find the Madcircle video out there.

Tim and Henry’s Pack of Lies – Blind Promo

Video Days

101’s Falling Down

Kris Markovic in the Color Video

Kris Markovic in the 101 Promo (I remember it either came in a sleeve advertising Golf Tips or Smoking Cessation tips)

Rick Howard in Goldfish

Ed Templeton in New Deal’s Useless Wooden Toys

The Walgreens on the Archer Ave of my youth never seems that far away. I still wear skate shoes out of habit. And youtube has facilitated another reason to endlessly look to the past.

(such a lazy, link ridden, post…)


Lyle said...

Makes me want to go skate right now. I remember a time when I'd think about skating all day long. I may be one of those "I used to skate" guys I scorned back in the day, but as long as I can still jump on a deck and bust out a heelflip within ten minutes I don't feel too bad. We should have a "used to skate" session.

Chris said...
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Chris said...

There should be a Thunderjets Triathlon with a trick portion. Pts based on trick: 10 for 360 flip, 3 for kickflip, 1 for shuvit. 10 tries.

Scott said...


Seriously, greens locals for life, baby!