Monday, January 15, 2007

This past weekend I reread The New Frontier, loving it more than ever. The original intention was to read an issue a day and let them sink in gradually. Once I made it to day 2 this plan quickly evaporated and I ended up reading the final 5 issues over 2 days. This series is so terrific – its seemingly simplicity in art coupled with its complexity in theme is perfect . I had always loved it the first two times I read it, but I hadn’t fully captured the sense of glory and purity at the advent of the Silver Age heroes. Cooke so fully captures this in his sharp, blunt pencils. The panel at the end where Lois is told that the injured Kal was asking for her and her alone is amazing and so expressive. I jumped right into Seven Soldiers #0 last night. This series will probably blur if I rush it though. One book a night is the plan. Anything more than that and Grant will cook my brain.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

again, can't email from work, so i have to send my message in an enigmatic blog post. the yellow aliens created animal man. supergirl will find him, i'm guessing. the 52 secret message was simple when i saw the x with a hyphen. the big three gone for a year, every third word. simple code. first letter. return of the multiverse. well, at least the yellow aliens with no names are back. they seem to be from earth-14. morrison would know.

rex tyler said...

re the new frontier, i do agree that the collected edition is the way to go. darwyn cooke draws everyone from the 50s exactly the way i recall my dad and uncles.