Thursday, May 10, 2007

Oats, brah.

It starts out poorly but I think the story pays off.

I eat oatmeal every morning at my desk and therefore have the big cardboard cylinder container in my drawer. Now, it’s cheapest to buy the big 6lb boxed plastic bags of oatmeal at Sam’s club and just fill up the cylinder every 3 weeks or so. Like I’m carrying a fragile newborn babe I end up walking home every now and again with the cylinder in my hand to avoid getting it smashed in my bag. I assume it looks a little silly. While walking home the other day I passed a guy my own age that nodded and then added , “Way to go with the oats, brah.” It was not sarcastic at all. It felt like it needed a high five and a gentle smile in the vein of some phrase like “Yeah, I recycle as well, brah.”

Only in Madison. Cred for eating oatmeal.


lyle said...

"Oats, brah" is the perfect compliment "Blizzard, yo" in the emerging field of two-word everyday poetry.

lyle said...

That should read "compliment to". Hm.

Scott said...

Appearently, you get "street cred" for different things in Madison.

Tricia said...

So I found your blog. And this one made me laugh out loud.

You've given me an idea. I think I might start a blog just with the sayings of everyday people. Making it about myself would be too much pressure.