Friday, June 27, 2008

Big photo dump today. It’s from 2 rolls of film, yes film, that I started on the drive up here and finished last weekend on a casual ride on the coastal trail here in Anchorage. I usually spend a few dollars when developing film to get the cd for easier flickr posting, but when I got the pictures back from Walmart there was no cd and only something scrawled across the envelop: “We CD machine not work today.” Ok, so I had to scan them in and some are a bit crooked. That explains why it looks like a crackhead did it.

This weekend will be Arctic Thunder and hopefully the Matanuska Glacier, if the weather cooperates both days. I’ll be ready to go with a new roll of film that is planned to see development before the end of summer.

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Danielle said...

Too much scenicness already! City girls can't handle that much pretty.

That said, you look like quite the happy scrappy in most of those. It is good to see. BTW - in honor of your relocation, I have been watching Northern Exposure rabidly. I am on season 5.