Monday, April 06, 2009

So I gave up on seeing it in a theater and opted for a rental of Slumdog on Friday. After finding it at the second Blockbuster I checked, we settled in for the latter 2/3 of the film Friday night. It was, very good. No complaints at all, but the soaring accolades escape me. When I think of the best pictures of a given year, I tend to try and answer a simple question: Will I want to watch this in 5 years for a wonderful reminiscence (Fargo) or some additional insight (Unforgiven)? I think Slumdog gave me just enough in a single viewing.

I had a bug to finally catch up with Little Children so I grabbed that at Blockbuster as well. Wow, was this completely overwhelming and impressive. It was everything American Beauty hinted at, but never achieved. What an excellent movie. I will eagerly watch this one again down the road.

After 2 very enjoyable flicks, I ruined it all on Sunday. I went to the cheap show for Last House on the Left (horror flicks should be viewed cheaply at the second run theater). Worthless. To put that comment in perspective, I saw Friday the 13th at the same dollar show and loved it. I'm a cheap date for horror at the dollar show, and this let me down.


Danielle said...

Totally agree with you about Slumdog. Can't imagine anyone not liking it...but I need a film to impress me, to change me, to challenge me. I need to think about it for days afterward...that is how I rate whether it should win awards in my own little world. Check out The Reader. That movie moved me greatly. Slumdog...nice popcorn flick, and a bit endearing...but meh. Didn't deserve what was heaped upon it.

Chris said...

I agree completely, and I'll have to catch up on the Reader on dvd.

When Slumdog was over Becky nailed it: "I liked it a lot, but Millions was better."