Monday, June 25, 2012

The timing was really perfect. Becky and Henry were back in Wisconsin and I was in the midst of 14 days of bachelorhood. My job sent me to Juneau for a day to chat with the client and enjoy some of the best weather Southeast Alaska could hope for all year -- 70's and sunny. There were only 2 cruise ships in town so the amount of "tourons" (tourists + morons) was reasonable, though they did dominate the downtown -- newlyweds and nearly-deads they say. Our meeting went well and quickly so we had some free time to cruise around all 44 miles of Juneau's road system.

Juneau is a beautiful town and I'd really like to get back there for a few more days and just drift around and soak it in. Hell, I'd even go on a cruise ship. Sometimes you just have to throw it all out the window, declare yourself a tourist, and not care what the annoyed locals (whom you will never see again) think.

I'm sure when I get back there will be nothing but rain. It would still probably come off as a pretty place.

IMG_4032 (Large)

IMG_4025 (Large)

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More Juneau pictures here.

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