Friday, January 11, 2013

This has been a brutally, worthless winter. It started out with minimal snow followed by -15 temps for several weeks. I don't mind the cold, but we were stuck with too little snow to get out on skis and enjoy the trails. So we waited.

Finally it warmed up and good snow came. I was able to xc ski for 2 weeks before we ended up with 5 days of 40 degree temps. So now the snow is back down to its non-fun level.

There still has been no new snow and we are facing a weekend of rain. It's just odd. The temperatures have been plenty cold for a legit Alaskan winter, but the snow has not come.

Running on the treadmill everyday is not enough to keep my legs where I want them for the 2013 bike season.

Yes, I know I own a bike trainer. I have never enjoyed it, and there is just isn't enough room for it in our townhouse while an 18 month old Henry tears around.

C'mon snow.

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