Tuesday, April 11, 2006

DYS - City To City

It's begun -No turning back
City to city
We're fighting back
Haven't changed the world
But we've made a start
We're digging in and fighting smart
And like a plague,We'll continue to spread
Fight their values until they're dead
We're serious and we won't go away
We fight for a better world - today
Laugh or frown, it's all the same
Won't play by your rules
'Cause we hate your game
One of the great side effects of moving is being forced to pack/unpack your cd collection, which in turn brings long forgotten music to the stereo once again. I probably haven't listened to DYS in 7+ years -- not for any specific reason mind you, it just hasn't happened. I still have most of the songs memorized so it was very easy to slip back into a sing along when I threw the disc into my stereo on the way to some errands tonight. It holds up much better than I had thought it would. I always remember the LP because of the Nazi in the crowd on the back, but sadly have forgotten just how good some of the songs are, City to City specifically. Boston hardcore never disappoints. Its definitely time to start digging through the entire cd collection. Such a sin to neglect all the great music there, not to mention the vinyl that hasn't been touched since September that remains in storage. I haven't listened to Bold or Gorilla Biscuits in a while...

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melissa said...

Hey Crazy.

It's amazing what can happen when you google just the right combo of words. Did I ever tell you how I got grease stains down the front of Paul's Ten Yard Fight (last show ever) Tshirt Rod got him in Boston? It's not a good story.