Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Still no Haunted Tank. Supposedly it will arrive next Wednesday. This is coming on 2 weeks late and it remains sadder and sadder that it matters a great deal to me.

This coming 3 day weekend looks to have amazing weather -- 80 in Madison. I'll be up north in the Nicolet National Forest at the Chipmunk Rapids campground trying for some Brook Trout as well as breaking my camping gear in for another season. The canoe trip next month will go a lot smoother if the gear has been given a trial run. With any luck I should have a nice 70 degree weekend in northeastern Wisconsin. I truly love the northwoods and this will be my first visit up north this year. I can't wait -- my waders are ready.


melissa said...

thus the misdirected canoe email. i got excited for a minute thinking paul had one stashed away for us.

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

this haunted tank stuff might be a residual from ther new earth--changing release dates. It will probably be explained in 52 Week 7.