Thursday, May 18, 2006

Rainy Days

Today was pretty much the first day in a week where there wasn't any rain. Its tough to experience a warm April only to be hit with a rainy, 45 degree Saturday in mid May. I've been trudging through Jim Marrs' Alien Agenda -- all 600 pages of it. Its an excellent, thorough book, but an amazingly dense one. All you ever wanted to know about UFOs is there in the most complete and scientific way you are likely to see it presented, but man is it a thick fog to get through. Now that I'm done I plan to jump back on the Hardy Boys list and knock out the Missing Chums. I'll treat it as a pallet cleanser on my way to the next 600 page, dense brick (which is unknown at this point). The weather is better now and the alien agenda has now been revealed so I'm off to Bayport and more miles on my bike.


melissa said...

great-- you've give me #1 on my sure-to-be lengthy list of books i'll never read.

do you have a preferred printing of the hardy boys books (i.e. hardcover pre '71)? Our used bookstore has quite a good selection-- let me know if/which ones your missing.

Scott said...

Missing? You need to go back and read post #1