Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The more I live in a townhouse, the more it annoys me. I understood this potential decline when I bought it, but at the time it fit my budget and needs. I suspect this is true of many people. However, as the years pass the fees and rules get more frustrating. The only cure is single family home ownership, which should happen in 4 years or so.

Waking up on Monday morning to no hot water sent me downstairs to realize that the first floor was 53 degrees. The electronic thermometer also told me that it was -3 outside. I threw on some pants and shuffled onto the deck to check the boiler/water heater closet. It couldn't be more silent in there, meaning that nothing was operating. This boiler feeds 2 total units and is accessible from outside the 2 units. I called the emergency condo line, flipped the switch on the gas fireplace, and embraced an ice cold whore bath. Becky and I washed up and put on a few extra swipes of deodorant.

The outdoor closet was very much off limits in terms of tenant monkey wrenching. The heating and plumbing guy would be there within an hour and would not need access to our unit to fix the problem. And since he doesn't want to fix any burst pipes, he would be there in a hurry. Finally, since it was outside the unit we would not pay a penny. +1 for condo ownership today.

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