Friday, February 11, 2011

So many things these days are dangling and crying out for completion. It's not as if the world will shudder to an end in mid July, but rather things will happily take a sharp 90 degree turn after which it will then be much harder to find the time to wile away at solitary tasks.

I can't say that I am being much more productive than usual. It is probably more accurate to say that my focus is on being less schizophrenic in my interests.

Rather than dabble across several stacks of comic books and collections, I now pick a single title and finish the sucker within a day or so.

That stack of complete Jonah Hex comics from the 70's that I had been reading in slow tastes as to enjoy them like fine wine or kobe beef? I'm now devouring about 5 comics each night and immersing myself in the themes and settings. I've chosen a sack of White Castles over a bi monthly Kobe slider. How could that be wrong?

I've been mentally annoyed with finishing a model airplane and have consequently not painted a Warhammer model since Christmas. I asserted that the plane must be finished before anything else hits my painting table and I have stuck to that, albeit with sluggishness. The plane goes down this weekend.

I have thrown my hat over the wall regarding a June triathlon. It's a sprint distance and one I have completed before. Now I just need to do it faster. Between swimming laps, hitting the treadmill, and nordic skiing, I'm training away 6-7 days a week, showering twice a day, and producing as much dirty clothing as cycling season. This may explain why the model plane idles away, but that is a weak excuse.

Miles to go before I sleep...

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