Monday, February 27, 2012

We have had well over 100 inches of snow, and here we stand facing 2 more months of winter. We are on track to break coldest and snowiest winter records here in Anchorage, so let's just go for it. This means that we south central Alaskans need to trim some inches from our roofs. Technically, our roofs are rated for well more snow than we have, but does anyone want to prove it for 2 more months? Where is the prize in that? The condo association decided to pony up for some roof shoveling -- wise move.

IMG_2552 (Large)

If I have a single story house in the future,  I will probably shovel the roof myself. Watching these guys shovel our 3 story town homes, one is immediately struck by the use of harnesses. I'll tuck that fact away for the future. One annoying coda is the coke can one of the workers left on our roof. Keep it classy, guys.

IMG_2554 (Large)

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