Thursday, March 22, 2012

In yet another step in my pursuit of Alaskana, I completed my Hunter's Safety course this past weekend. Most of it is self explanatory, though all extremely useful. Handling different weapons was also well worth the time. At the completion we shot a bit with .22's and needed to pass a very liberal accuracy threshold. Everyone completed it on the first try, which says something considering we could not use a rest. I was quite impressed at my shot clustering considering I was shooting from a kneeling posture. I'm sure I'll get better as practice increases.

I now need to take my time choosing the proper caliber and rifle for big game here in Alaska. Thankfully, the range has rifles for public use so determining the round that fits me will be relatively inexpensive. I'd like to buy one rifle and enjoy it for the next 40 years.

Finding time to hunt is the greater challenge. Aside from cycling races, fishing trips, and canoe trips, my year is fairly booked. The hope is that  next year I will be able to book a solid week of hunting after dabbling on a few weekends this fall.

There are infinite hunting options here in the great white north. I just need to live long and strong to take them all on.

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