Monday, April 02, 2012

The snow may be melting outside, but winter is not over for another month at least. It also seems that we get a dump of snow in early May every few years. The winter threat lingers. It's still perfect weather for crock pot projects and digging around in the freezer. I grabbed the frozen ham bone from Christmas and attempted one of my favorite soups -- split pea. I've always loved it, yet never made it in the crock pot. After some quick googling I had a well reviewed recipe and was off.

IMG_2701 (Large)

It was excellent!

IMG_2710 (Large)

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LAtravel80 said...

That looks delish!! I have to start using my crock pot more. I've been using it for spaghetti type sauces recently. Last week it was frozen meatballs and sauce, this week it was chicken and carrots and added sauce later.