Thursday, January 12, 2006


Here in Madison there has been a serial bomber in the news over the past few weeks and I can't say that it has occupied too much of my thoughts -- I suspect this is my Chicago tolerance, and even comfort to a degree, of the fact that many people live in cities, and some of those people want to hurt other people. Its reality when many people decide to live in an area and call it a city. Regardless, walking home from work yesterday I ran into the latest stage in the serial bomber saga, though whether it is connected to the same bomber is up for grabs, but mentally it contributes to the same ideological cloud of ideas and fears. The surrounding few blocks around my building were taped off by police and no traffic was allowed through. Bomb, I thought. I took a long walk around the perimeter and was able to enter my building, after which I turned on the news, seeing my neighborhood and a man taking what looked like a pipe of some sort carefully out of a sewer. So far, it seems to have been a false alarm, but it made my evening a little more interesting (that along with whupping some empire troops in warhammer).


Very pretentious paragraph coming.

The challenge for me these days, as I see it, is to remain intellectually stimulated and essentially make good on all of the promises I have made to myself over the course of college. I am now working full time and making decent money, so the temptation to relax and call it a day is omnipresent. I will undeniably still catch good flicks and get my riding in, but I feel that my reading time will be the best barometer to gauge the laziness of my life. I'm currently heading into some Hardy Boys books so perhaps the war has been lost before it even began. The other goals for "when I have a job and make better money" include more tattoos and more interesting vacations -- two things that will easily happen in the coming year.


Sheer Terror and Bad Brains, for reasons beyond me, have rocketed to the top of my play list. Maybe its the bike racing and warming weather.

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