Friday, January 20, 2006

The Gym of the Stars

My gym here in Madison is apparently more interesting than I had first thought. I know its a good gym, with great equipment and affordable rates, but I didn't know it attracted the stars it apparently has.

The owner, Ford, told these two stories the other day.

A representative of some sort called early in a day and asked if it was ok if Kenny Chesney came to work out. "Sure, come on down." So a few hours later Kenny's rep came in and told Ford he could give hime a few tickets for the usage of the gym. Now, Ford doesn't know Kenny from Adam so he said, "Tickets don't pay the bills. The daily fee will be fine." So that's what Ford received, along with an earful from some of the regulars that night when he relayed the story.

Apparently when in town for gigs (mostly spoken word) Henry Rollins always works out at Ford's. He's pretty lowkey and just wants to get his workout in.

The Kenny Chesney connection is funny but not as cool as the Rollins one. I figure that Kenny works out at my gym, while I work out at Henry's.

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