Thursday, March 30, 2006

An Art Boon

Like many people, I try to watch a good movie and read a good book on a regular basis. Most of the time these works are not great by any stretch, and many times are downright poor. This mixed bag usually further permutates itself into a scenario of good novel, bad comic, bland movie, etc. These past few days have been the complete opposite. I finished Bradbury's Something Wicked..., which was as good as everything I could read told me it would be.

I'm in the habit of taping movies on Turner Classic Movies to play the lifetime game of catch up to all of the great flicks that were made before I even walked this earth. For some unknowable reason, The Old Dark House hardly ever finds it way into the rerun schedule on TCM, even though the Universal monster flicks and other Karloff movies are in constant rotation. I taped it at 3:30am on Monday morning and watched it last night. Simply excellent. James Whale directed it and Gloria Stuart is the cute female lead (she was the old woman in Titanic). 70 minutes and you're out. Excellent as a chiller, funny as a comedy, and very weird with all of the sexual subtext.

Most people on the message boards disagree with me, but All Star Superman #3 was terrific. Grant Morrisson obviously has a deep love for silly Silver Age plots, but he also understands the romanticism underneath that makes them so fun and warm. If nothing else its an Infinite Crisis palette cleanser.

So in a 24 hour period all art I deliberately exposed myself to was A+. And its warm enough to get longer bike rides as well.

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Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Something Wicked will stand as a literary great in centuries to come. Mentioning James Whale reminds me that I still have to read FATHER OF FRANKENSTEIN and take it off my bookshelf.