Saturday, March 11, 2006

So many things in life are relative -- happiness, money, prosperity. In Wisconsin warm temperatures are just such a thing. It was near 50 degrees yesterday afternoon and it might as well have been 90 for the reaction it received in Madison. The city buzzed and hummed with the sense of Spring and the feeling that even though there was 7 inches of snow on Sunday, this was Friday and it was warm and new promises were being made. I know it was warmer in Chicago but I was not in Chicago. I quickly took my road bike out for an 18 mile loop and as the dust was blown off the frame and wheels I'm certain my bike was singing. Since it is an Orbea it sings in Spanish of course. There will be colder days in the near future and Spring is not fully here yet, but the appetite has been wet, and my bike now demands to be ridden everyday.

I will be working tonight at the Stairmaster somewhere in downtown Chicago. If you shout out Cro Mags or Sheer Terror lyrics I promise I'll stamp your manifest faster.

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