Thursday, March 23, 2006

Its good to have goals, even if ultimately there is no finish line (except for the grave, if I can be morbidly honest for a moment). My summer cycling goal is to compete in the road cycling portion of the Badger State Games in the open category and not finish last. This may not be terribly easy as often CAT 3 and 4 racers ride these races as warm ups for their events later in the day and as a result drive the pack a little harder than it would otherwise move. I considered riding a criterium as my first amateur race but decided against it when I realized the great possibility of a crash. With an out and back race, however, the chance to settle into your own pack makes the chance of a crash a little less likely. There should also be fewer curves and turns, therefore making the pack crack evenly a little earlier in the race. Or maybe I'm completely wrong. One thing I have heard is that the fewest amount of crashes are on the velodrome because people ride without brakes. It makes sense to me. Honest.

Up here in Wisconsin we sure do love our badgers. The team, the animal, the entire experience. I discovered this past weekend during a tour of the capital what exactly resides on the peak of the capital. Glaring at it one can only tell a gilded figure is on top. Well, its a woman -- "Wisconsin" to be exact. Her hand points towards the east (DC) and she bows her head out of respect. She wears a miner's helmet to symbolize the industry of the state. Very elegant, striking, and magnetic. A fine choice and a source of pride for this still settling cheesehead.

Oh, there is also a gold badger perched on her helmet. Classy? Definitely. Something to be proud of? You betcha.

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It is hard to make out the detail, but you can see a picture of the Wisconsin statue here: